WhyAutismHappens is an integrative autism analysis company. We use existing research, government data, physics, and common sense to explain today's autism spike.

We are a Fort Worth, Texas company working to educate the public, to reverse our autism epidemic. We are seeking funding to conduct an epidemiological study on autistic children born prior to 1990, to study the rate fathers were passing autism to their children.

If you have information that could assist with our integrative autism analysis, please feel free to contact us. Or, if you just want to share your family's story, we would love to hear it.

If you read the data differently than we have, and see it as healthy, you are free to continue carrying your cell phone immediately next to your reproductive DNA.

WhyAutismHappens is committed to bringing the public the clearest analysis of autism health research. To those touched by autism, we are with you!

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Contact us at whyautismhappens@gmail.com