Group Says Toxin Explains More Than 50% of Autism
02 February 2013

Why Autism Happens, an autism research organization, claims up to 65% of today's autism is being caused by mobile phone damage to father's reproductive DNA.

Robert Sparks, researcher at Why Autism Happens, says, "The fact that fathers are passing 80% of the genetic mutations leading to autism changed the way we thought about autism. It was a huge surprise to learn that fathers are the silent carriers of our autism epidemic."

Sparks admits there are various agents which can fragment men’s reproductive DNA but says, "Specifically, there is one toxin responsible for reproductive DNA fragmentation that started for large numbers of men in developed countries across the globe about 20 years ago, leading to a sustained autism spike. It's low-level radiation."

"Do cell phones cause autism in babies?" asks Sparks. "Absolutely not. But the small radiation emissions from cell phones cause DNA abnormalities in men’s reproductive cells, which has caused men to be the silent carriers of our autism spike for the last 20 years."

Sparks says that RF energy from cell phones is uniquely fragmenting men’s reproductive DNA because men carry their cell phones in their front pockets. Sparks points to a large number of studies which have established that RF energy causes sperm cell abnormalities and DNA fragmentation.

"Women’s eggs are safe from the radiation bursts of cell phones because they are 6 to 8 inches further away," says Sparks. "The extra space acts as a shield. That’s why mothers pass fewer mutations."

"The socioeconomic data shows what's going on," says Sparks. "In the 1990s and early 2000s, research connected autism with educated white women. Minorities had low rates of autism. Looking at the current data, we can now say that educated white women were connected with autism increases because they were married to prosperous white men who could afford to carry the first generations of mobile phones next to their reproductive cells."

"As the cost of cell phones came down," says Sparks, "minorities could afford them at a much higher rate. This is why we’ve seen a second wave of autism in blacks and Hispanics. Remember: blacks and Hispanics were living in the same cities and receiving the same immunizations as Caucasians. But it was almost ten years after the Caucasian autism spike, when minority fathers could afford to carry cell phones, that autism in black and Hispanic children began spiking."

"You can successfully predict autism spikes for ethnic groups around the world," says Sparks, "based on when that group's fathers begin carrying cell phones in large numbers. And this is because men often carry the devices very close to their reproductive DNA."

Why Autism Happens uses additional economic data to show that poor U.S. states have much lower autism rates. Sparks says, "Regardless of race, the poor carry cell phones at a lesser rate. If it was pollution causing the autism spike, then poor states would have higher autism rates because they have greater levels of industrial pollution. But poor states have lower autism rates, showing our autism spike is associated with men being able to afford to put radiation in their front pockets."

Why Autism Happens refers to CDC data, studies on RF energy, male infertility studies, and economic information to support the new association. Why Autism Happen’s website is

"The great news," says Sparks, "is that if men carry their cell phones differently, we could reduce autism by 36,000 cases per year in the U.S. alone."

Across U.S., Kid’s Mental Health Nosedives
07 December 2013

In the U.S., the mental health of our children is collapsing. From 1995 to 2010, the diagnosis of mental health disorders doubled for those younger than 21.

In comparison, mental health disorder diagnoses over the same period edged up by less than 6% for adults, according to a Columbia University analysis based on a 16-year federal survey.

Why is the mental health of our kids plummeting while the mental health of our adults stays about the same? Because the adults are physically causing the mental health disorders in the children. This health paradox can be easily explained with a closer look at autism over the last 20 years.

Recent autism research revealed that 80% of mutations leading to autism are from fathers. This means autism and mental health orders in kids have spiked in tandem.

DNA mutations which spike autism are causing a spectrum of mental health disorders in general. In the majority of cases, autism “spectrum” disorder has become a catch-all term which has come to describe damaged reproductive DNA from fathers that causes a wide-ranging, pejorative effect on children’s mental health that’s hard to exactly define or pinpoint.

The logical takeaway here is that damaged reproductive DNA from fathers has been damaging the mental health of kids across the country since about 1995.

The magnitude of damaged paternal DNA is enormous. Many of the children cannot carry on a normal life. Social instability in public schools over the past 15 years may be related to deficiencies caused by inherited, damaged DNA from fathers.

Why have men become carriers of poor mental health in our children? Evidence points to fact that men’s reproductive DNA is receiving up to 16 times more radiation on a daily basis compared with women’s. details the physics behind cell phone radio-frequency radiation hitting men’s reproductive cells 16 times harder than women’s. With radiation, it matters how close the radiation comes. In front pockets, men’s reproductive cells are coming much closer to cell phone radiation, so they’re experiencing much more damage. This explains up to 65% of today's autism.

Oftentimes over the last 20 years, a baby has received a healthy egg cell from the mother but a fragmented sperm cell from the father. This leads to babies with physical and health problems, like autism. This same reproductive pattern encompasses the full array of mental health disorders, explaining the nosedive in kid’s mental health over the last two decades.

A minor, everyday radiation exposure to fathers has been causing them to indirectly harm our kid’s mental health. The solution is for men to carry their cell phones at a greater distance from their reproductive cells.

Autism a Chronic Disease of Parents, Group Says
26 May 2014

Why Autism Happens, an autism research group based in Fort Worth, says a major branch of autism should be classified as a chronic disease of parents.

“The autistic are a living expression of their parents’ chronic disease,” says Robert Sparks, president of the group. “At least that’s what all the scientific data points to.”

Why Autism Happens claims that scientific data shows up to 65% of autism, what they term the “autism spike since 1995”, is being indirectly caused by cell phone radiation.

“You see”, says Sparks, “cell phones transmit to cell towers. Those radiation transmissions are powerful enough to reach cell towers thousands of feet away. And they're also hitting men’s reproductive cells in front pockets at just two inches away.”

Why Autism Happens contends that regular, small exposures to RF radiation over a long period of time leads to chronic disease of reproductive DNA. Thus, the group asserts, autism should be thought of as a chronic disease of the reproductive DNA of parents.

“Every chronic condition has a main cause,” says Sparks, “and so does autism. Poor diet and lack of exercise cause heart disease. Smoking causes lung cancer. Carrying your cell phone in your front pocket causes autism in offspring. Heart disease, lung cancer, and autism are all chronic conditions that are relatively slow in the making. It’s just that autism isn’t expressed until the next generation.”

Sparks points out that it’s easy to understand eating poorly leads to heart disease. “But,” he says, “it’s much harder to see that the majority of today's autistic children are really an expression of their father’s chronic disease. The father’s reproductive DNA became chronically sick from frequent radiation exposure before the child was born.”

“Autism is not the child’s fault at all,” continues Sparks. “Even though the child has to live with autism, the condition is often a chronic disease of the reproductive cells the child was conceived with.”

When asked about what solutions his group had come up with, Sparks responded, “There isn’t a quick fix. Men are going to have to learn to carry their cell phones differently. It’s going to take time for the message to get out, and for people to form new habits. I mean, just think how long it’s taken for society to curb smoking.”

Why Autism Happens clarified they do not have any unique insight into autism before 1995, when cell phones became popularized. Their website is

Teenage Moms and Female Pattern Autism
21 June 2015

Teenage mothers are 18% more likely to have a child with autism than mothers in their 20s.

In previous times, being a younger mother reduced autism risk in children. Why Autism Happens (WAH), an autism research group based in Fort Worth, says this new reversal is explained by female pattern autism.

"Actually, being a younger parent still reduces risk of autism in children," says Robert Sparks, a researcher for the group, "but female pattern autism is now coming into play."

WAH contends that the larger size of X chromosomes means they sustain proportionally less radiation damage from cell phones compared to Y chromosomes.

"Think of houses and mobile homes," explains Sparks. "Let's say a tornado tears through the area. The houses will have damage, but the mobile homes might be in pieces."

"In this scenario, the mobile homes are Y chromosomes, and this is why boys have a much higher rate of autism. The houses are X chromosomes, and although they seem okay at first, they are the source of female pattern autism."

WAH says that during the steady rise in use of cell phones over the last 20 years, some fathers have contributed a radiation-damaged X chromosome to their daughters. Fathers of today's teen moms would have had greater exposure to cell phones than fathers of mothers in their 20s.

"Females have two X chromosomes," explains Sparks. "And one of them stays inactive—or silent. A young lady could carry a damaged, silent chromosome and never show it, or know it. Essentially, she would be carrying autism without having autism herself."

Female pattern autism, asserts WAH, happens when a father passes a radiation-damaged chromosome to a healthy daughter, who then passes the damaged chromosome to her own children.

"Autism is essentially a chronic disease of damaged reproductive cells," says Sparks. "The current autism spike started with the reproductive cells of fathers, but now some daughters and mothers silently carry those damaged cells and will pass them to their children. This is what female pattern autism is."

WAH says that when a carrier female gives the damaged X chromosome to a son, it will have no way to stay inactive, so we will continue to see autism expressed primarily in boys.

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